Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Yo, Put That Bag Back On

Four guys hailing from Sydneys' west running under the duelling banners of Punk & Hardcore, 'Yo Bag' is a band that's ready to play their own brand of music at any time for whomever is ready to hear it, be it their  friends, for themselves...or whoever  the hell cares to listen!!
BUT WAIT - We've also got them on OUR line up for INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST 2013!!!
Influenced by bands such as Lifetime, Title Fight & Latterman, 'Yo Bag' shamelessly wears their musical influences on their sleeves, but they're ok with that!
But before you catch them at INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST in JULY you can run into them this week! Here's where:
Yo, Put That Bag Back On @ THE VALVE
900 Princes Hwy, Tempe
Thursday, 16th of May , 2013
And whilst we're thinking of everything 'Yo Bag' related why don't you check out and download their 4 track album from their site:

The band are even nice enough for you to name your own price for the download...how cool is that!?

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