Monday, 1 July 2013

Whisky Smile

Whisky Smile is a five piece band hailing from the suburbs of Western Sydney. Drawing influence from a wide spectrum of musical styles, Whisky Smile moulds their collective influences into a style punctuated by a hard hitting rhythm section, abrasive whisky soaked vocals and catchy as hell guitar riffs. Their live show seamlessly combines an entertaining party style vibe, along with elements of today’s modern Rock, Metal and Hardcore scenes. So what else are you going to need for INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST!? I mean I have to admit, the guys had me at WHISKY, I don't even care that they they've dropped the 'e' and don't spell it in what I regard as the traditional manner, WHISKEY...then again, I'm freakin' old school, watcha gonna do huh!!?

If you're keen to check out more you can download their EP here 
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