Thursday, 27 June 2013


ARTERIES are a Sydney based metal band which started out in 2011 with three mates who shared the same passion for heavy music. Soon after that they found themselves a bass player and with the recent addition of a second guitarist its helped form what ARTERIES are today, that being a diverse mixture of erratic riffs, brutal grooves and technical time signatures.
Since their very first show at The Annandale Hotel they've been winning over fans with their impressive and energtic live assaults, I mean, we know the deal, that's why we've got them on the bill for INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST ...'ah, it's all making sense you say'
The boys have kicked-off 2013 with some solid shows supporting hardcore legends such as Earth Crisis (USA) and Vanna (USA) and their show in Sydney.
Influenced by the likes of Underoath,The Dilinger Escape Plan and Periphery, ARTERIES have just recently finished recording their debut EP at Electric Sun Studios with master engineer/producer Shane Edwards. It's set to be released a week after INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST on the 19th of JULY, but you can catch the real thing at the festival on the 13th at the Square in Haymarket....SO BE THERE!!!

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