Friday, 21 June 2013


So seriously, how the hell much do you know about skateboading dinosaurs huh? Of course you can be a bit of a smart arse and say HEAPS, or, you can be honest with yourself and the rest of the INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST team and just say 'JACK'!
Never fear though, what I can tell you is that they're actually a Sydney based punk/hardcore band that are going to bring their antediluvian ways to the stage of the Square come July 13th!
Influenced by Black Flag, Dangers, Punch, 7 Seconds, and of course, Jurassic Park, these guys have been kind enough to give the world access to their sound for free! So check them out via the link below:
A six track album is available for your immediate download, in your format of choice. So what the hell are you waiting for, following these steps...
1. Download their music
2. Buy yourself a ticket to INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST
3. Come and see them and another 12 bands play on July 13th @ the Square Haymarket
4. If you're confused start at step 1 again and keep going until you freakin' get it!!!!

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