Monday, 10 June 2013


Unrest is a five piece Metal/Hardcore band formed by a bunch of mates that individually have been playing around for several years and that have now unified to create the driving force that is Unrest.
The real question regarding the origins of Unrest is this, where did the band actually come from? Good question my friend, glad you asked! Why don't you just keep reading and you'll probably find out!
Well two of the band members played in the metal band Khemist supporting the likes of Mortal Sin and winning along the way the music Oz metal award. Two other band members played in a band called Hatetrip in their youngers years, and there were also stints for one of those members in several punk bands including Spilt Milk, Unpaid debt and Toe to toe. Got it now? Frankly it doesn't matter if you don't, it just means that you're slow, so I'll type a little less quickly for you!
Second question is,what does that background say about the musical stylings of Unrest? Well what it says is that they  already have the talent and nause from their prior experiences to deliver a powerful and unique live performance at INSTITUTIONALZED FEST 2013 and that in itself says that YOU have to BE THERE!
If you want to get a handle on what the guys can offer think Slayer, Machine Head, Parkway Drive (maybe the band name would give that way) and Biohazard. And if you're liking that mix then you'll like them even more live at INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST 2013!
And if you want a ticket get onto the MOSHTIX site...

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