Monday, 3 June 2013

Alison's Disease

These guys will be your intro to
 So listen the hell up now whilst I give you the low down...or, if you like, the up high, because you know, we don't discriminate when it comes to height here.
Alison's Disease carries with it stories of 'mentally challenged' ranga's, the desire to play the B-52's Rock Lobster on ukelele, druken drivel, friends letting other friends be fucktards, compassionate mates with distorted guitar riffs and equally distorted lyrics, random stranger drummers, geese masquerading as punk performers and the possibility of compulsory rehab sessions!
Did you get any of that? Hell, I don't even know how we got them on the bill, but this is what they have to say for themselves...
 'We're just a bunch of retarded idiots with drinking problems...' end quote.
OK, admittedly we here at INSTITUTIONALIZED FEST  know exactly what being a bunch of retarded idiots feels like, we also know what it's like to have drinking problems, so we're ok with ALL that. As for Alison's Disease? Well these guys will punk it up in true three chord punk fashion come high noon on 13 JULY, if they can remember which ones they need of course!
Be there to watch Alison's Disease  kickoff what promises to be a freakin' huge event -  

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